Author: Anush Arvind

Pre-Columbus Indians were masters of the land they crafted and maintained

If the stereotypical view of the Native American as a vicious barbarian is dangerous, its mirror image – that of the Noble Savage – has proved to be just as pernicious. More so because the ideal of the Noble Savage is relatively uncontroversial among both those who hate Indians and those who admire them. Many environmentalists fall into the latter camp.

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A look at 2 megastructures built to protect us against the ocean’s wrath

2020 may may have had worst hurricane season ever, but it’s certainly not the first of its kind. And governments around the world have done much – short of actually addressing the root cause – to mitigate destruction that the seas so regularly meet upon our civilizations. Here’s a look at two terribly destructive floods – and the megastructures we’ve built to defend against them.

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