“[…] number one since Teddy Roosevelt. Who would have thought, Trump is the great environmentalist?” …I am, I am. I believe strongly in it.”

President Donald Trump said these words at a speech in Jupiter, Florida, on Sept.8, 2020. Like he did then, Trump routinely claims that he is an environmentalist par excellence. But with the presidential election just days away and a climate crisis more pressing than ever before, we’re going to examine the President’s environmental track record in two separate articles.

Let’s discuss how Trump has been the environmentalist he claims to be.

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Joined the One Trillion Trees Initiative 

Announced that the United States would join the One Trillion Trees Initiative to plant, conserve, and restore trees on American soil and around the world. The Trump Administration pledged 1 billion trees to be planted.

Invested $38 billion in Drinking Water Infrastructure 

Facilitated investments of over $38 billion in clean water infrastructure to ensure safe, reliable water supplies for all Americans. For the first time in nearly 30 years, the EPA is in the process of strengthening national standards to protect vulnerable children from exposure to lead in drinking water.

Expanded Funding for Everglades Restoration 

On December 17, 2019, the House passed the FY2020 Appropriations bill with $200 million in funding for Everglades Restoration. This important infrastructure will help protect and restore the ecosystems in the Everglades, defend millions of Floridians from catastrophic flooding, prevent harmful algae blooms and help improve water quality.

Signed the Great American Outdoors Act

The Great American Outdoors Act provides $900 million a year in guaranteed funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund so that all Americans can continue to enjoy our parks and wildlife refuges. Additionally, this bill provides nearly $10 billion for long-delayed maintenance projects, repairs, and upgrades to American national parks.

Signed the Save Our Seas Act 

The Save Our Seas Act reduces marine debris, and the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement includes the first-ever provisions in a trade agreement that take on the challenge of land and sea-based pollution and waste management.

Signed the John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management and Recreation Act

Expands recreational access to public lands and water conservation. Highlights of the Act include: protects National Parks from nearby mining, protects public lands in Utah, protects Connecticut’s rivers, funds protections for and recreation in California deserts, protects steelhead and salmon habitat in Oregon, protects migratory birds, and expands eight national parks.

Banned Oil Drilling off Florida’s Gulf Coast

President Trump banned oil drilling off the coasts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina—dramatically expanding a more narrow expiring moratorium covering Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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